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As a modern family business, we combine the professionalism and digital capabilities of a multinational corporation with the personal touch of a family-run business, a genuine commitment to service and maximum flexibility. In 2020, Alexander Lips joined HVL as the Next Generation. Alexander was born in the same year as HVL was founded – 1994. Father and son are united by the same philosophy – convinced and satisfied customers. From then until today, we have been an important partner for our customers and suppliers for the wholesale and distribution of chemicals and raw materials, and now also as a manufacturer of engine coolants.

All this would not be possible without a strong and committed team. Every single employee at HVL strongly believes in our philosophy. There is no other way to explain the high level of popularity among our customers.

We are constantly investing in our digital infrastructure, in new products and in a sustainable future. HVL has been working completely paperless since 2015. With state-of-the-art workstations and a first-class IT infrastructure, all processes have been fully digitalised. Only ourselves, we are still analogue and there for you personally at any time.

For us, hands-on mentality is not just a buzzword, but the way we develop business and relationships. Realise your projects with us in a trusting environment.

In 2019, HVL celebrated its 25th anniversary. With our project Next Generation we welcome you to the future!




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HVL Timeline

We look back at important milestones in the history of HVL GmbH

First production Frigutec® OAT-EVO

Our modern premium engine coolant of the next generation, free from 2-ethylhexanoic acid. Find out more about our Frigutec® product range in the chapter products.

Distribution of acetone

Our first tank filling in the solvent sector with own REACH registration. We start with the import and distribution of Acetone using our tank storage in Antwerp.

Next Generation – Alexander Lips joins HVL

During a four-month onboarding in the customer service team, Alexander became familiar with our numerous customers, suppliers, and service partners. By the turn of the year, he is taking over the responsibilities of sales as Key Account Manager at HVL.

Market launch of Frigutec® M-OAT

With the market launch of the hybrid coolant Frigutec® M-OAT, we are expanding our range of Frigutec® premium engine coolants. Previously in 2019, we already welcomed the Frigutec® OAT-Si based on ethylene glycols and Frigutec® OAT-GSi based on glycerine in our Frigutec® family.

TEG REACH Registration

With the completion of the TEG REACH registration, we start importing and distributing triethylene glycols and complement our range of ethylene glycols. Europe remains our core market.

25th anniversary of HVL

We celebrate the 25th anniversary of HVL GmbH.

Market launch of the HVL coolants Frigutec® BS and Frigutec® OAT

Together with the market launch of our first engine coolants Frigutec® BS and Frigutec® OAT we start the production of our own coolant concentrates in Antwerp. Over the upcoming years, we will continuously expand our portfolio.

Our first tank for MEG

We rent our first tank at NoordNatie Terminals in Antwerp for monoethylene glycol – the dawning of a new era at HVL. Later in 2018, we extend our commitment in glycols by the completion of own REACH registrations for MEG and DEG.

Complete digitalisation of our processes

Complete digitization of our processes towards a paperless office. Since 2015, we have been able to digitally map our processes, such as the order processing, from recording data to invoicing and archiving. Equipped with state-of-the-art workplaces, powerful servers, and a digital infrastructure, we were also able to make an active contribution to environmental protection by going completely paperless.

New company name

Change of name to our current name HVL GmbH.

Start of sales and trade in fresh goods

Conversion into and initial registration of HVL Rohstoffhandel & Abfallverwertung GmbH.

Reorientation of HVL towards the chemical industry

“After the project “dissolution” of the National People’s Armed Forces was completed in 1996, I had to fully reorient myself. With experience in marketing old stock, I turned back to the industry. In 1996, it was tantamount to a revolution to also consider industrial waste as a potential product and to want to bring it to market. Conservative waste managers in particular have seen this as an illegal act. Today, the Circular Economy Act states the following sentence: “If a substance or object is produced in a manufacturing process the primary purpose of which is not the production of that substance or object, it shall be regarded as a by-product and not as waste”. We also have a tiny share in this.

In this way, we have saved hundreds of thousands of tonnes from senseless disposal over many years up to the present day and, to the same extent, conserved natural raw materials for our future. Without calling it that, we have always acted very sustainably.

Very quickly, in addition to the waste-to-product project, we also started trading in new products again.” (Ulrich Lips)

Foundation of HVL GmbH as a sole proprietorship Handel und Verwertung Lips

“With experience from the chemical trade (Brenntag) and contacts to the Bundeswehr, I started the HVL project after the fall of the Berlin Wall with the dissolution of the National People’s Army, the former army of the GDR. There, I specialised in particular in the marketing of fuels and lubricants from stocks of the National People’s Army.” (Ulrich Lips)


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