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Overview of Our HVL Products

Keep reading to find out more about the products and quality we offer. Bring reliability to your supply with high-quality chemicals, certified external analyses, and professional storage. HVL is your experienced partner and top-notch supplier for chemicals as an importer, distributor, and manufacturer.


HVL supplies ethylene glycols to European and global customers as an importer and distributor. Our big tank storage in Antwerp supplies prime bulk goods of various quality levels. We are looking forward to also serving you!

FRIGUTEC® Engine Coolants

Learn about the wide variety of engine coolant concentrates produced by HVL that protect engines effectively against corrosion, overheating, and frost. Find the ideal product for your needs with us!


As an importer and distributor of solvents, such as acetone, we supply the industry reliably with bulk goods in tankers, via rail, or vie inland waterways. Do not hesitate to contact us.


HVL will serve you seamlessly with many years of experience in the distribution of denaturated ethanol for the European industry as well as ALCOFREEZE BASE, which is a windscreen antifreeze and windscreen de-icer for the winter season. Learn more!

Mineral Raw Materials

Learn more about the mineral raw materials and metallic secondary products, as well as the quality levels that we offer according to your needs.

Break Fluids

We distribute renowned brake fluids tied in IBCs or as bulk goods in tankers. The available DOT 3 to DOT 5.1 quality levels offer optimal characteristics for your needs.


We supply AdBlue® as bulk goods in road tankers. Learn more about the advantages and properties of the product.

White Spirits

Looking for white spirit D40 and D60? Let us take care of the purchase and the logistical challenges. Learn more about our de-aromatised petrols.


Haven’t found the information you were looking for? No problem! Call us or send us an email regarding your inquiry. We´re glad to help.

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